Thoughtful Thursday

As you listen to this amazing classic by Bing Crosby, use each sheep in the picture to represent one of your blessings. And yes, I realize we are now counting sheep and blessings. Sorry, Bing. Wink, wink. I pray that you run out of sheep to count, and feel the peace and joy of Christ today. Blessings, Lisa

Photo credit – Ed Lyons, Kells Priory, near Kilkenny

Musings on a Bird


To sing in the morning

To fly with my wings

To land where I wish

And see wonderful things

But to shiver in the damp

And to search for my food

To lose my home in the gusts

And my child in the wood

Better to think of the things that I’ve got

Than to yearn for the things that I’ve not

c2016 Lisa Lyons


America the Beautiful


“Oh beautiful, for spacious skies…

America! America! God shed His Grace on thee

And crown thy good with brotherhood

From sea to shining sea…”

~Katharine Lee Bates, 1913

Have a wonderful day celebrating and remembering.  The blessings we have are no small thing.  Love, Lisa

Thankfulness Through the Mist


Sometimes the way is foggy and it is difficult to see where your feet are headed.  Stones cause ankles to turn and progress is limited as you slip slightly backwards on the scree.  But finally, you are there.  At the top.  The view is misty and slightly hazy, but you see it…the lake, the green in the distance, the view of the amazing mountains.  You are thankful, you are satisfied, and no amount of mist will stop that from happening.

No matter what mountain you are climbing today and tomorrow, walk on.  You may slip some, but you will  make it.  And the One who made you will bless you and keep you all along the journey.  Who knows what wonders you will discover at the top?  Be blessed; I am truly thankful for each of you.  Lisa