Cleansing Wind

Biking wildly down the road, wind on your face, worries behind

Standing at the turbulent shore, waves crashing, wind howling

Skate edges find ice, flying easily, cold fresh wind on your face

Holding on to balance atop a tall mountain, wind buffeting, mind cleared

The cleansing wind

c 2020 Lisa Lyons

Musings on a Bird


To sing in the morning

To fly with my wings

To land where I wish

And see wonderful things

But to shiver in the damp

And to search for my food

To lose my home in the gusts

And my child in the wood

Better to think of the things that I’ve got

Than to yearn for the things that I’ve not

c2016 Lisa Lyons


At the End of an Ancient Road…



…lies Dunseverick Castle.  One of the high roads from Tara ended on this beautiful cliff in County Antrim.  Although the castle was destroyed in 1641, it’s location and the imagination of what was is a feast for the eyes and mind.

Here’s to the day….to seeing, to hearing, to thinking, to feeling…all the amazing things that God has placed all around to experience.  Cliffs, water, skies, rocks, grasses, birds, dogs, laughter, tears, wind, rain, warmth….

Slainte. Lisa