Unchangeable, Invincible, Unmoveable

Summit of Carrantuohill, Summer of 2001, Joshua Lyons

Summit of Carrantuohill, Summer of 2001, Joshua Lyons

I read a few weeks ago that vandals snuck to the top of Carrantuohill in Co. Kerry, Ireland, and cut down part of the metal cross at the summit.  No doubt they felt justified or glorified in this cowardly act of vandalism. (Note: See end of this post for the update to this story.)  But to me, it’s just sad.  They don’t realize what they were doing….that no removal of a man-made symbol of Jesus will change who He is and what He does.  He will be coming back in amazing triumph and power, and everyone will see Him and be amazed.  He is unchangeable, invincible, unmoveable.  He is the Rock of all time.  Cling to Him as life churns around you.  He will be your fixed and firm point.  Certainty.  Blessings, Lisa

****Happy ending:  The cross was rebuilt within a week of the vandalism!  🙂  Lift high the Cross!

Carrantuohill cross back in place


THE mindless vandals that uprooted the giant cross at the summit of Carrauntoohil have got an answer they probably never expected after a proud community reinstated the steel structure to its rightful place within a week.

The MacGillycuddy Reeks Mountain Access Forum supervised the mammoth task of re-erecting the five meter cross on Saturday and it now stands proudly on top of the 1,038m peak.

A dedicated team of volunteers scaled the mountain to ensure the cross was put back in place and the work was overseen by height work specialist Mike O’Shea, staff from the Liebherr container cranes plant in Fossa, Beaufort Community Council embers and local landowners.

The MacGillycuddy Reeks Mountain Access Forum have thanked all those who offered their support and assistance and a spokesman said there would be many opportunities in the future to help with projects in the Reeks area, such as remedial works to prevent further erosion.

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Thankfulness Through the Mist


Sometimes the way is foggy and it is difficult to see where your feet are headed.  Stones cause ankles to turn and progress is limited as you slip slightly backwards on the scree.  But finally, you are there.  At the top.  The view is misty and slightly hazy, but you see it…the lake, the green in the distance, the view of the amazing mountains.  You are thankful, you are satisfied, and no amount of mist will stop that from happening.

No matter what mountain you are climbing today and tomorrow, walk on.  You may slip some, but you will  make it.  And the One who made you will bless you and keep you all along the journey.  Who knows what wonders you will discover at the top?  Be blessed; I am truly thankful for each of you.  Lisa

To The Hills

Ireland 2_0050

“I lift my eyes to the hills – where does my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.  He will not let your foot slip – He who watches over you will not slumber.”  ~ Psalm 121:1-3

May your feet be steady and sure, taking every step knowing that God’s got you.  Slainte, Lisa