Canopies of Green


What is it about a tree that makes us feel so protected and sheltered?  Standing next to a tree, even when I was a little girl, I feel better.  I love to lean up against the strong trunks and gaze up into the lofty green leaves with sunlight diffusing through them. DSCN1232

So today, with Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow, I want to thank God the amazing Creator for all the beauty He made….trees, leaves, oceans, skies of all varieties, the wind on my face.  I am thankful for all of this and more, because when I see and feel these things, it feels like He’s right here, always.  Blessings, Lisa

Being on a Break

A sheep on a break

Taking a break from blogging is nice sometimes, just to give your brain a rest for a few days.  But coming back from the blog break is hard.  That first blog back…what to say, what picture to use, how to be somewhat witty again.  It’s like my brain got stuffed with turkey along with the rest of me.  So this is what you have….the official first blog back from the break is a blog about coming back from a break.  Brilliant.  🙂

Hope all of you are recovering nicely from your Thanksgiving holidays, and getting back into the day-to-day with as much ease as possible.  Or maybe just kick back in your chair like this sheep here and try again tomorrow.  🙂    Slainte, Lisa