Thoughtful Thursday

As you listen to this amazing classic by Bing Crosby, use each sheep in the picture to represent one of your blessings. And yes, I realize we are now counting sheep and blessings. Sorry, Bing. Wink, wink. I pray that you run out of sheep to count, and feel the peace and joy of Christ today. Blessings, Lisa

Photo credit – Ed Lyons, Kells Priory, near Kilkenny

Back-up at the Tollbooth…


….or the Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side.  Or both.

Which sheep was the ringleader, the one who said, “Hmmm, the grass looks really, really good over there.”  He pushes at the gate.  Locked.  Maybe there’s a password, a lock, something that will get us from here to there.  Meanwhile, all the sheep have followed him, thinking he surely knows what he’s talking about.  They are now all discontent with the grass and priory that they have.

A cautionary tale for myself and any others like me today.  🙂  Blessings, Lisa

Always a Good Day for a Castle


Presenting the lovely Kilkenny Castle bought by the Butler family in 1391…..why?  Because it’s always a good day to see a picture of a castle. Better yet, if you’re near a castle at this very moment, you should probably stop reading this and check out the castle.  🙂    As for the anti-castle-people out there, (they lurk about) just keep it to yourselves and don’t let the rest of us know.  😉  Blessings, Lisa.

An Alley

Ireland 2_0018

What is it about an alley that is so atmospheric?  From an objective perspective, they are cramped and darker.  But when you step inside an alley, (at least in the daytime 🙂  ) you feel as if you’ve stepped into a secret place that you have discovered.  Hidden away from the world for a time, you are ensconced in mystery and quaintness.  Here are two shots from a Kilkenny alley which has more charm than should be allowed by law.  Please ignore the date on the second picture, it is a mystery how that got on there…not the right date by a few years, and I never put the date feature on. Also disregard the unsuspecting walkers who had the nerve to disturb our picture taking.  😉  Oh well….more quirky details that adds to the memories and the story of the alley.   Have a blessed day.  Slainte, LisaIreland 2_0016