Thankfulness Through the Mist


Sometimes the way is foggy and it is difficult to see where your feet are headed.  Stones cause ankles to turn and progress is limited as you slip slightly backwards on the scree.  But finally, you are there.  At the top.  The view is misty and slightly hazy, but you see it…the lake, the green in the distance, the view of the amazing mountains.  You are thankful, you are satisfied, and no amount of mist will stop that from happening.

No matter what mountain you are climbing today and tomorrow, walk on.  You may slip some, but you will  make it.  And the One who made you will bless you and keep you all along the journey.  Who knows what wonders you will discover at the top?  Be blessed; I am truly thankful for each of you.  Lisa

1 thought on “Thankfulness Through the Mist

  1. I erroneously assumed that since I was on vacation, that you were also. (Guess I slipped!) BUT—I am glad that I got back on track and didn’t miss this post. Thank for hanging in there.

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