Thoughtful Thursday

As you listen to this amazing classic by Bing Crosby, use each sheep in the picture to represent one of your blessings. And yes, I realize we are now counting sheep and blessings. Sorry, Bing. Wink, wink. I pray that you run out of sheep to count, and feel the peace and joy of Christ today. Blessings, Lisa

Photo credit – Ed Lyons, Kells Priory, near Kilkenny

5 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. I am still here. Busy time of the year. We are working to set up our leadership for 2023. A few of our people who have been leaders of church groups had to step down. They just could not do it anymore. We are looking for X generation people to take on a leadership role. Talk about a hard task to recruit volunteers. “George have you ever considered ……….” And George is gone. Where did he go? Amazing disappearance act. Folks should go into vaudeville. Lisa, keep the faith.

  2. We are sending our blessings on to you all too! I should stop a moment to say how blessed we have been over the years to have these many leaders to take on the needs of our faith community. They have done a wonderful and a lot of times thankless job.
    Thank you all. :o)

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