Celebrity Encounters


It’s not every day that you get to hang out with Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, and Johnny Depp.   Clark did not appreciate my greediness.  😉  (Johnny doesn’t look too pleased either.)   Oh, well.  Have fun today, and enjoy all the gift that is this life.  Slainte, Lisa

DSCN2705DSCN2704 *Photographs taken outside of Jolly Roger Restaurant in Kill Devil Hills, NC.

Would You…?

A bit of hypothetical fun for your Monday morning….presented for your consideration is a small cave at the base of a St. Lucia cliff.  A small boat takes you to this opening, and gives you the opportunity to explore the unknown cave and will wait for your (possible) return.   Take the poll below, and I’ll let you know what I would do later.  (although you can probably guess  🙂  )  Slainte, Lisa


Staking Their Claim

The men in our family are so much fun to travel with.  I never know what they will be up to next, and it usually involves something that will make me laugh, smile, and say things like, “You guys are crazy!”  🙂  I will let the pictures do the talking…    (By the way, the women in the family have a lot of fun too, but that’s another post for another day!)

Ireland 2_0031

The Lyons men plus a few assorted stuffed dogs staking their claim to “Castlelyons”

Interesting lunch menu :)

Interesting lunch menu 🙂

Ireland 2_0019

The Lyons gang rounded up and “locked” away for another day. 😉

Photos are provided complements of the year 2001.  The little guy with the stuffed animals is much taller than me now.  How does this happen?  Have a grand day filled with adventures, laughter, and warm drinks.  Slainte, Lisa

Pure Fun for Your Ears

I double dare you to watch this whole video and not smile.  And tap your feet, or hands, or maybe even get up and start jigging at the computer.  🙂  Brilliant and creative use of rhythm by the Kilfenora Ceili Band and Michael Donnellan.  By the time the dancing started I was laughing out loud at the wonderfulness of it all.  Have an inspired and creative weekend.  Slainte, Lisa