Tuesday Tree Tribute


Trees are wonderful.  They shade, they cool, they are beautiful.  They speak of unchanging things, and give a small glimpse into eternity, where the things of Jesus do not change.  They speak of strength and resilience.  Here are some of my favorite trees that I have come across.  Slainte, Lisa


Pools, Palm Trees, Peace


‘Tis the season…..the season for warmth on your skin, the season for salt in your hair, the season for cool waters surrounding and supporting you, the season for closing your eyes for a moment and just breathing…..wonderful summer. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Whatever you do this weekend, I pray that you feel those amazing small blessings in some way. ¬†Gifts from God; little whispers that let you know He’s always there with you. ¬†Slainte, Lisa