Would You…?

A bit of hypothetical fun for your Monday morning….presented for your consideration is a small cave at the base of a St. Lucia cliff.  A small boat takes you to this opening, and gives you the opportunity to explore the unknown cave and will wait for your (possible) return.   Take the poll below, and I’ll let you know what I would do later.  (although you can probably guess  🙂  )  Slainte, Lisa


Official Notification of a Hermit Crab

Rightly so, you should be asking yourself, “what in the world is she talking about?”  Yes, I am a hermit crab when it comes to my living preferences.  Exhibit A for your consideration:  This lovely village in St. Lucia where many people are probably happily aboding upon the steep inclines of the terrain.

Village in St. Lucia

Village in St. Lucia

But this little hermit crab feels rather claustrophobic at the thought of living so close together, and also I would be more than a bit nervous that my little house would just fall right off the side of the hill.  😉  I think that there is definitely truth to the whole country mouse/city mouse tale, and I am happy to be a country mouse for sure!

This manifests itself when we travel; my husband and I are instantly drawn to the country, to the space, to the rural scenes of the area.  When we get to the cities, we look quickly, enjoy a good meal in a nice restaurant, and move on.  Isn’t it amazing and marvelous how people are so different and unique?  I have a good friend who’s very much the opposite.  The thought of hanging out in the country is almost physically painful; she adores the city, the bustle, the activities.  God is cool; He makes things for all of us different people to enjoy.  Enjoy your country or your city to the fullest today!  🙂  Slainte, Lisa

Open water with nary a house in sight...ah yes  :)

Open water with nary a house in sight…ah yes 🙂