Masterful Lighting

All the world is a stage, and God always knows the best way to light it.

Clear, cold, and beautiful morning in Virginia

“Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’ ” – John 8:12

Blessings for a wonderful day, Lisa

The Turning

The wind. The clouds. The change. The turning. How I love it.

I spent a glorious afternoon yesterday watching, feeling, praying, loving the wonder that is our God. The turning of the season was a thing of beauty. I tried to document it so that I would always remember.

Before the turning. Sunny, humid, 85 degrees fahrenheit, still.
The gathering clouds of the approaching cold front. Occasional breeze, humid air, 85 degrees F.
Approaching cold front, gusty winds, temperature drops to 75 degrees

This morning, breezy, beautiful, 50 degrees Fahrenheit

I pray that you know the height and depth, the strength, the force, the power of Christ’s love for you. He made this beautiful world, for you. He made beautiful plants and animals, for you. He made laughter and sunshine and wind, for you. He went to the cross and paid for every one of yours and my sins. He is waiting by the right hand of God, for you.

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved. The turning.

Praise be to God above, Lisa

In the Quiet

I found a few blessed moments of quiet yesterday afternoon on my front porch. (And can I just say that I would love to hug the inventor of front porches? 🙂 )

The things I saw in the quiet:

– Green, green everywhere. So many different shades, so many different shapes. The leaves seem to be riotously enjoying their greenness before the start of autumn.

-The first three leaves that had fallen from the trees in the cooler air. They lay on the porch looking shocked and a little indignant for their too early demise.

-A male and female cardinal chasing each other from the dogwood to a neighboring elm.

-My fuzzy cockapoo enjoying himself and looking for blue tailed skinks. (One of his favorite pastimes)

-Spiders spinning webs furiously. This brought a certain amount of consternation in me, as I daily try to keep them off the porch. But I had to admire their tenacity, and I thought about the fact that spiders have to eat too. ;/

Things I heard in the quiet:

-Blissful times of absolute silence. Nothing.

-Occasional cars and trucks passing by on the road

-Neighbors working outside.

-Various insects and crickets

-The tapping of my dog’s toenails on the wooden porch when he tired of searching for the elusive skinks.

-My occasional sighs, as I released tensions that I was holding deep inside.

Things I felt in the quiet:







-God’s presence

Thanks for reading this far. I encourage you to carve out even five minutes of quiet today. See what happens. Or what doesn’t happen, which is sometimes better.

Blessings, Lisa