A Tigger Kind of Day


“I’m bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, fun, fun,fun, fun, FUNNNNN….but the most wonderful thing about tiggers is I’m the only one!”  ~Tigger, from Winnie the Pooh fame.  I was rolling through my old pictures this morning, and I got stuck looking at our Disney World photos from two years ago.  What really struck me is how happy we all look in all the pictures, even though it was about 150 degrees farenheit in Florida all the time.  I have included our photos with good old Tigger.  What is amazing is how all of us still love that childhood feeling of wonder and imagination and excitement.  Part of you still says, “Look!  There’s Tigger!”  🙂  Have a bouncy fun kind of day.  Blessings, Lisa


DSCN0818When you are in the Caribbean, sun protection is crucial.  The sun is warm and beautiful and relaxing, but can also pack quite a punch on your skin.  So the weathered palm branch huts, the sheltering trees along the edges of the soft white beaches, all provide that welcomed protection after swimming in the perfectly clear blue waters for a while.

When I was younger I used to see God’s guidelines as restrictions, laws, things that were no fun and not very loving.  But with time, I now see that God’s guidelines are full of love, protection, mercy, and grace.  Because He loves me, He wants me to be safe, to be protected.  How wonderful.  Like sitting under a big palm tree on a hot sunny beautiful day.   Slainte, Lisa

Staking Their Claim

The men in our family are so much fun to travel with.  I never know what they will be up to next, and it usually involves something that will make me laugh, smile, and say things like, “You guys are crazy!”  🙂  I will let the pictures do the talking…    (By the way, the women in the family have a lot of fun too, but that’s another post for another day!)

Ireland 2_0031

The Lyons men plus a few assorted stuffed dogs staking their claim to “Castlelyons”

Interesting lunch menu :)

Interesting lunch menu 🙂

Ireland 2_0019

The Lyons gang rounded up and “locked” away for another day. 😉

Photos are provided complements of the year 2001.  The little guy with the stuffed animals is much taller than me now.  How does this happen?  Have a grand day filled with adventures, laughter, and warm drinks.  Slainte, Lisa

Beach Plus Ireland Equals Perfect

Inch Beach is one of the most relaxing places I have visited in Ireland.  Wide, flat, firm sand that seems to stretch on forever (where an “inch” is more like 3 miles).  Scenic hills surrounding you.  The luring beauty of the Dingle Peninsula.  Ahhh….imagination kicks in, I’m there, I’m breathing in the crisp fall air, the water soothes me yet again,  the wind is blowing all thoughts from my mind, the sand beneath my toes feels wonderful.  🙂  Take a 5 minute imagination vacation right now; pick your favorite spot in the world, close your eyes, be there!  Slainte, Lisa

Inch 2Inchpic83