Talking About Pain


Talking about pain is a funny thing.  Some days I want to ignore it, and try to act like I used to.  I push through, laugh, pretend, and then collapse in my trusty recliner a few hours or a few minutes later.

Other days, I need to talk.  I need to let it out, to vent, to cry, to have someone tell me that it’s going to be alright, to let the volcano erupt a bit.  And then rest, and pray, and just be.

The thing I am most grateful for is for my family and my friends who are there for me, whether I’m talking about it, or not.  The people who love me irregardless of how far I can walk, or how grumpy I may be acting that day.  The ones who can get me laughing.   To all of you…..I love you and I appreciate you.

If you are out there in internet world, and need to talk….I am here.  And better yet, there is One who will never leave and never forsake you.  Jesus is here also, and listening.  🙂  Love, Lisa

The Impossible Dream, the One That’s Maybe Not So Good

Ocean view from the cliff

Ocean view from the cliff

Here’s a picture of my husband’s and my impossible dream.  It’s an abandoned beachside hotel/resort on Barbados’ North Point shore.  Our taxi driver Ralph took us out there, and told us that the hotel had been abandoned and for sale for several years.  More like 10 years plus by the look of the crumbling walls of the hotel.  Yet it was one of those “wouldn’t that be cool” moments you have in your life, where you think “what if we bought it and fixed it and lived on this cliffside in the Caribbean the rest of our lives” moments.  But then reality of the money, money, and more money sank in, and we realized that the dream wasn’t maybe so good after all.  But every time I look at these pictures, it brings a certain thrill again.  Maybe this place is calling to one of you!  heehee  🙂  Slainte, LisaNorth Point Hotel, Fixer upper hotel For sale in Barbados for sale at Barbados Property Search