Observations on an Oversleeping Morning

She lay blissfully dreaming, sleeping, resting……..until she wasn’t.

Knowing she had overslept as soon as she opened her eyes, she sat straight up in bed, heart pounding, feeling a bit of panic.

Quick shower, no breakfast, no tea before carpool duty.

Yep….that was my morning. And now I am throwing all caution to the wind and writing before my normal time. Just to do it. Here are my observations as I have progressed through the morning thus far:

  1. Morning routines bring an amazing amount of comfort. Even though I am always saying that I need something new, something to change, that evidently does not apply to the morning. When I am sleepy and groggy, those little routines give a very needed propelling boost.
  2. Without the morning routines, I stand for long moments, wondering what I am doing next. I found myself just staring at my boots this morning, not sure whether to put them on or not. When I got home from dropping my daughter at school, I ate my omelet, am currently drinking my tea. But they really don’t have the same kick they would have had earlier. Why is that? Because I am already up, forced into activity? Ahhh, the many questions of life. lol
  3. I don’t need to do all the things I think I need to do in order to get out the door. No, I don’t need to brush my teeth, fix my sopping wet hair, drink my tea. But those small creature comforts sure do add to the morning, I must say. I felt slightly neanderthal this morning as I drove down the road. I guess it is a relief to know that if there was a giant black bear pounding his way into my home in the early morning, I could get out of the door without a long leisurely shower. ūüôā
  4. I think differently on an oversleeping morning. I feel as if I am playing catch-up to get things done, although in actuality, everything is pretty much done that needs doing. But I can’t shake that first feeling of “I’m late! I’m late!”

Anyway, there you have another one of my lists. I promise not to make this a habit. Somehow, it has helped to just observe the morning instead of feeling the morning with no words.

So, all you writers out there, take heart! Your words matter! Oh my…..I am very weird this morning. I suppose that is a side effect of oversleeping as well.

Write and let me know your best and most entertaining oversleeping story.

Have a great morning drinking your tea, your coffee, reading or writing your words,


Learning to Walk Again…


It’s no small thing! ¬†And I might say, from experience, much easier when you’re a child rather than a….well…..more advanced age. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Quick update: ¬†Since my ankle fusion revision and tendon transfer surgery in January, I’m out of the boot, back in tennis shoes, and working really hard every day to get my heel back down where it should be, and to get this rusty body to adapt to all the changes. ¬†It’s been a long recovery with many months still to go, but I knew that going into it. ¬†But isn’t it funny how it seems so much longer when you’re actually in it? ¬†God is keeping me going, though. ¬†ūüôā And for that I am thankful.

Some quotes that amazingly seem to apply to other situations as well.

“If you can’t walk, be the bird.” ¬†~Lisa Lyons ¬†(but I have to say, I haven’t made it off the ground yet.. ¬†haha)

“My leg hasn’t fallen off yet.” ¬†~Lisa Lyons ¬†(after the “How are you doing?” question and should be said with heavy sarcasm for full effect)

“I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.” ~Abraham Lincoln

Thanks for listening….I appreciate all of my readers, and sincerely pray that you are blessed today. ¬†Slainte, Lisa







Decisions, Decisions

Enough already….just put me in a beach chair with an umbrella, and let it all roll on.


I hereby declare today Non-Decision Day….although technically, that could be considered a decision, but we’ll let that one slide. ¬†heeheehahahoho. ¬†Wow, I better drink another cup of tea….wait, that’s another decision. ¬†I’ll just sit here. ¬†Although that’s a decision. ¬†Oh my, what a snafu. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Here’s to your Monday! ¬†Lisa

Go Around Me….I’m Sleeping

Here’s a Glencolmcille sheep who has the Tuesday morning thing down well…


And yes, she didn’t move, and yes, we drove around her, being careful to miss these other two who didn’t get up either….


Chilled to the max, or maybe ¬†still exhausted from their big weekend…

Here’s to cloudy Tuesdays! ¬†We’re up, we’re up. ¬†Lisa

The Bus Who Thought He Wasn’t

The bus who thought he wasn’t….a bus. ¬†Corkscrew Hill in County Clare, Ireland, is a challenge even for the small cars that made the hairpin turns up and down the hill. ¬†But the view from the top beckoned, and the tour bus answered the call with boldness. ¬†You will hear Ed & me laughing quietly in the background as we follow the colossus down the hill. ¬†Blessings on your day, Lisa