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It was a big weekend around here.  A local St. Patrick’s Day parade, dinner and music at McMahon’s, making lots of soda bread and scones (and the eating of them afterwards!).  Hope you all have a blessed St. Patrick’s Day today, and enjoy your friends and family!  🙂  Lisa

 Irish traditional music session at McMahon's

Irish traditional music session at McMahon’s


Amy found a giant leprechaun wandering about the place.  ;)

Amy found a giant leprechaun wandering about the place. 😉


Vintage Fire Truck

Vintage Fire Truck

Finnegan got to go also!  :)

Finnegan got to go also! 🙂

Irish Dancers

Irish Dancers

Would You Rather…The Actual

If you had to opt for one over the other, which would you choose?

1.  Would you rather go  a)paragliding            paraglide                                                    or b) riding in an open cockpit airplane?plane

2.  Would you rather a) eat an entire pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream  icecream   or b) eat 16 peanut butter cookies fresh out of the oven?pbcookies

3.  Would you rather a) fly to the Fiji Islands tonight  for 2 weeks         Fiji              or b) sail on a yacht to 3 different Caribbean islands, your time frame?yacht

4.  Would you rather a) be able to fly on your own power      flying                      or b) be invisible when you chose to be?  invisibleHave fun answering in the comments…and I look forward to having fun reading what you answer!  🙂  May all your choices be a little easier than these today.  Slainte, Lisa




An English Muffin Morning


Warning:  The following post is a shameless plug for Thomas’ English Muffins.  If you have a keen dislike of a nooks and crannies-filled delectable morsel of a muffin, topped with butter and orange marmalade, you may want to discontinue reading immediately.

Yes, it’s that kind of morning….things a little out of the normal, schedules slightly askew, and finally things are settled down.  And I am sitting down with said delectable 100 percent whole wheat English muffin as we speak.  In fact, I am hardly able to write this post as it is calling to me even now….”Take another bite, take another bite.”  You know how those English muffins can be.  Persistent and so cute that they’re hard to resist.  And I’m not going to resist a moment longer.  Enjoy your simple pleasures today…they can sometimes be the best.  Slainte, Lisa


Going In For the Flip

My weekend was filled with Irish food.  Yummm…not too good for my South Beach diet, but excellent for my enjoyment and comfort!  🙂  We started out the weekend with a suggestion from my 6 year old that we should visit “The Blarney Stone” Pub in Fredericksburg, a relatively new Irish restaurant that we hadn’t tried yet.

Blarney Stone Public House, Fredericksburg, VA

We found a cozy nook in the back, and surrounded by deep green walls and rich wood, we ate fish and chips and shepherd’s pie.  Both wonderful.

A few doors down, we visited “Irish Eyes,” a delightful gift shop run by friendly people.  Cadbury’s lovely Flake bars made their way into our purchases, and were quickly devoured as we remembered all the wonderful soft ice creams with flake bars stuck into the top that we had had in Ireland.

Irish Eyes Gift Shop, Fredericksburg, VA

The weekend concluded with my lovely husband cooking us some boxty, or Irish potato cakes, for supper last evening.  We experimented with add-ins…some with turkey, some with grated cheese.  Yummm….we added some steamed veggies as a side so I wouldn’t feel too terribly guilty about the extravagance of my splurge.

Himself going in for the flip of the boxty.

So, now it’s back to my low-carb ways, but I’m not sorry for the tasteful and comfort-filled weekend I had.  In fact, I may do it again someday, after I’m good for awhile!  🙂

Hungry yet?  Enjoy the food that the Lord has given you today; He is so good to us.   Slainte, Lisa

Hanging Out with Pirates & Flying Horses

The Jolly Roger Restaurant in Kill Devil Hills, NC is a great beach restaurant.  Not only do they have awesome food, but you get to hang out with their resident pirates and flying horse.  If you’re ever in the area, check it out!

One of the Winged Horses of the Outer Banks

Oh, no…the pirate took Baby Mickey! 🙂

The ceiling of the restaurant looks like you’re sitting inside a pirate’s chest.