Coming ‘Round the Bend

IMG_3348One of my favorite things about traveling in Ireland is the wonderful towns and villages.  You come around the bend, and presto!  A whole town of brightly painted buildings with shops, pubs and groceries to explore.  This is Portmagee, a great little town in Kerry that we used as our home base for 3 weeks.  Portmagee is the place to catch a boat tour out to the Skelligs, has some great little pubs/cafes, and a tiny but efficiently stocked grocery.

IMG_3347We would walk down to the village some days, buy some groceries, and the kids would undoubtedly get a “99”, a delectable soft ice cream cone with a Flake bar stuck in the top for the walk home.  By the end of the three weeks, we felt like it was a home away from home, and we were sad to see it fade in our rear-view mirrors.

Enjoy your little village today; big or small.  Slainte, Lisa

Going In For the Flip

My weekend was filled with Irish food.  Yummm…not too good for my South Beach diet, but excellent for my enjoyment and comfort!  🙂  We started out the weekend with a suggestion from my 6 year old that we should visit “The Blarney Stone” Pub in Fredericksburg, a relatively new Irish restaurant that we hadn’t tried yet.

Blarney Stone Public House, Fredericksburg, VA

We found a cozy nook in the back, and surrounded by deep green walls and rich wood, we ate fish and chips and shepherd’s pie.  Both wonderful.

A few doors down, we visited “Irish Eyes,” a delightful gift shop run by friendly people.  Cadbury’s lovely Flake bars made their way into our purchases, and were quickly devoured as we remembered all the wonderful soft ice creams with flake bars stuck into the top that we had had in Ireland.

Irish Eyes Gift Shop, Fredericksburg, VA

The weekend concluded with my lovely husband cooking us some boxty, or Irish potato cakes, for supper last evening.  We experimented with add-ins…some with turkey, some with grated cheese.  Yummm….we added some steamed veggies as a side so I wouldn’t feel too terribly guilty about the extravagance of my splurge.

Himself going in for the flip of the boxty.

So, now it’s back to my low-carb ways, but I’m not sorry for the tasteful and comfort-filled weekend I had.  In fact, I may do it again someday, after I’m good for awhile!  🙂

Hungry yet?  Enjoy the food that the Lord has given you today; He is so good to us.   Slainte, Lisa