Hanging Out with Pirates & Flying Horses

The Jolly Roger Restaurant in Kill Devil Hills, NC is a great beach restaurant.  Not only do they have awesome food, but you get to hang out with their resident pirates and flying horse.  If you’re ever in the area, check it out!

One of the Winged Horses of the Outer Banks

Oh, no…the pirate took Baby Mickey! 🙂

The ceiling of the restaurant looks like you’re sitting inside a pirate’s chest.


9 thoughts on “Hanging Out with Pirates & Flying Horses

    • And so many beautiful things there are to see, both behind and before us! 🙂 Have a fun day today out on the town.

  1. Love Amy’s expression! You certainly have animated children…must be the mix of your creativity and Ed’s speaking/preaching ability…. 🙂
    I want to eat there – can we go today??

    • Yeah, Gay…just tell the boss man at work that you’re taking off with me, and we’ll be back tomorrow, or the next, or maybe the next! 🙂
      Isn’t that the best look on her face? She is the complete drama queen, love it.

  2. Here I am living in Raleigh, NC and still haven’t been to Kill Devil Hills, but I plan to go one of these days…it’s only a few hours from here. I hate you are here “so close and yet so far away”. How long are you in NC? I’m only about 2 hours away from Wilmington, NC. Always nice to know other U2 friends. Enjoy your stay in NC!!! Wow! I can’t believe you are here. ENJOY!!!!! Love the one of your daughter who’s missing Mickey!

    • Liz, it sure would be nice to meet…unfortunately we’re back home in VA now. The trip went way too fast. Raleigh is a beautiful city…I’ve driven through several times and always enjoy the scenery past my car window. You definitely need to go to the Outer Banks someday…very chilled out and relaxed beach. No boardwalk, just sand and ocean and sky. I sit there and sing, “Oh great ocean, oh great sea…run to the ocean, run to the sea.” 🙂 Our U2 reference for the day. heehee

      • Very cool! And so glad you had a great trip!! I hope one day we can meet–that would be great. How about a U2 concert?? I’m trying to “pressure” them thru fan sites etc. to hurry up and tour again. I think they should just do a 360 part II tour…hee hee. Anyway glad you had a wonderful trip and you sang the perfect song. I did go to Shackleford Banks when I was 12 with my dad…where the wild horses are….I watched them “run free, but did not tie myself to wire” thankfully. DId you go there as well? And keep singing and composing and writing. The world needs us to contribute much beauty as it can get these days!!

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