An English Muffin Morning


Warning:  The following post is a shameless plug for Thomas’ English Muffins.  If you have a keen dislike of a nooks and crannies-filled delectable morsel of a muffin, topped with butter and orange marmalade, you may want to discontinue reading immediately.

Yes, it’s that kind of morning….things a little out of the normal, schedules slightly askew, and finally things are settled down.  And I am sitting down with said delectable 100 percent whole wheat English muffin as we speak.  In fact, I am hardly able to write this post as it is calling to me even now….”Take another bite, take another bite.”  You know how those English muffins can be.  Persistent and so cute that they’re hard to resist.  And I’m not going to resist a moment longer.  Enjoy your simple pleasures today…they can sometimes be the best.  Slainte, Lisa


6 thoughts on “An English Muffin Morning

  1. You have created an irresistable image in my mind that will not be satisfied until I get my hands on one of those delectable treats!! Thanks for the great idea for the day! Hope yours was delightfully delicious!!

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