Would You Rather…The Actual

If you had to opt for one over the other, which would you choose?

1.  Would you rather go  a)paragliding            paraglide                                                    or b) riding in an open cockpit airplane?plane

2.  Would you rather a) eat an entire pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream  icecream   or b) eat 16 peanut butter cookies fresh out of the oven?pbcookies

3.  Would you rather a) fly to the Fiji Islands tonight  for 2 weeks         Fiji              or b) sail on a yacht to 3 different Caribbean islands, your time frame?yacht

4.  Would you rather a) be able to fly on your own power      flying                      or b) be invisible when you chose to be?  invisibleHave fun answering in the comments…and I look forward to having fun reading what you answer!  🙂  May all your choices be a little easier than these today.  Slainte, Lisa




8 thoughts on “Would You Rather…The Actual

    • Peter…thanks so much for your very fine answers. I will also answer: airplane, ice cream, Caribbean yacht, and I’m definitely picking the flying also! 🙂

  1. I was invisible once and took a three day cruise on a yacht, and flew on the beach. Even went to Hawaii once. I remember it well, but since I was invisible, my pictures didn’t turn out. Since we only get one wish, I guess that I will have to take the peanut butter cookies. (Can I have a little ice crean too?)

    • You’re hilarious…I thought you seemed like the invisible type. 🙂 Sorry about your pictures. I guess you can have some ice cream, but not sure the mint chocolate chip goes with peanut butter too well. But, they’re both delicious, so I guess that works. 🙂

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