Tuesday Tree Tribute


Trees are wonderful.  They shade, they cool, they are beautiful.  They speak of unchanging things, and give a small glimpse into eternity, where the things of Jesus do not change.  They speak of strength and resilience.  Here are some of my favorite trees that I have come across.  Slainte, Lisa


Queen of Stone


Queen Elizabeth I, likeness captured in stone and bronze and placed in this garden*.  She stands in serene stillness, never changing in gaze, overseeing the trees and flowers.  It may be just me, but statues can sometimes freak me out.  🙂  Beautiful yes, but sometimes I just keep expecting them to move or change position, yet they stay and stay and stay.  And yes, I also realize that I am personifying inanimate objects again….don’t judge me.  heehee  😉  Have a peaceful and joyful weekend.  Slainte, Lisa

*Elizabeth Garden, Manteo, NC


Dune Dreaming on a Quiet Day


I took this on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, shortly after a light rain had passed through.  It really emptied out the beach, except for a few hardy souls.  I love staying on the beach in summer when it showers, as long as there’s no thunder and lightning.  You’re wet anyway, and there is the peace that descends when the masses retreat.  May God bless your weekend with peace and joy.  Lisa