Pools, Palm Trees, Peace


‘Tis the season…..the season for warmth on your skin, the season for salt in your hair, the season for cool waters surrounding and supporting you, the season for closing your eyes for a moment and just breathing…..wonderful summer. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Whatever you do this weekend, I pray that you feel those amazing small blessings in some way. ¬†Gifts from God; little whispers that let you know He’s always there with you. ¬†Slainte, Lisa


DSCN0818When you are in the Caribbean, sun protection is crucial.  The sun is warm and beautiful and relaxing, but can also pack quite a punch on your skin.  So the weathered palm branch huts, the sheltering trees along the edges of the soft white beaches, all provide that welcomed protection after swimming in the perfectly clear blue waters for a while.

When I was younger I used to see God’s guidelines as restrictions, laws, things that were no fun and not very loving.¬† But with time, I now see that God’s guidelines are full of love, protection, mercy, and grace.¬† Because He loves me, He wants me to be safe, to be protected.¬† How wonderful.¬† Like sitting under a big palm tree on a hot sunny beautiful day.¬†¬† Slainte, Lisa

Somewhere Over the Rainbow


Somewhere, this beach, these chairs are waiting…

Waiting for work-weary bodies to sink down into them

Waiting for the island breezes to blow

Waiting for the surf to tickle their legs and wash away the weight

Waiting, peacefully with no worries


Have a blessed weekend.  Slainte, Lisa