Picking the Best in 2015


Navigating a new year can be a lot like apple picking.  You look, you search, you find.  The good apples stay with you; the bad apples, they get thrown down, or left on the tree,  and you move on.  Not to say that you don’t feel regret for those bad apples.  What they could have been.  People of course, are different.  All of us have been bad in our lives, all of us could be better than we are.  But thank goodness that God keeps working with us, pruning us, helping us to be apples in His image.  As you pick your way through 2015 along with me, let’s keep our eyes fixed tightly on the One who can make us what we need to be.  And as we make mistakes, or run into those bad apples along the way, we’ll pray, hopefully laugh a little, dust ourselves off, and move forward.  Blessings to you!  Lisa

Jumping Happily into 2013

2013….I am excited and hopeful.

So many good days that are yet to happen and experience…


Happy days spent with my best friend and husband, celebrating 25 years of marriage all year…


Adventures and laughter with my children and family…


Experiencing God’s grace through the beauty that is all around…


Jump into 2013 as fearlessly as you can…God’s got you!  Blessings, Lisa