Decisions, Decisions

Enough already….just put me in a beach chair with an umbrella, and let it all roll on.


I hereby declare today Non-Decision Day….although technically, that could be considered a decision, but we’ll let that one slide.  heeheehahahoho.  Wow, I better drink another cup of tea….wait, that’s another decision.  I’ll just sit here.  Although that’s a decision.  Oh my, what a snafu.  🙂  Here’s to your Monday!  Lisa

Finnegan Friday


It’s Friday, and thank the good Lord above, a little time to chill and relax.  Here is Finnegan, my fine little pooch.  He really knows how to kick back…just find a good dog bed, a favorite blanket, his baby….he’s good to go.  Praying that you have some good chill out time this weekend also.  Blessings, Lisa