Crafted With Love

One day, circa 1981, a mother brought home materials to make Christmas ornaments with her son. They spent a wonderful day together, making memories as well as making these beautiful ornaments which still proudly adorn our Christmas tree. That son is my husband, and that mother is my mother-in-law. Much more than ornaments came out of that day. Conversation, connection, memories, bonding.

Whether it be cookies, cakes, pies, ornaments, or paper chains, all of those Christmas crafts and activities add up to love for a child. And memories for a lifetime.

Blessings to you as you make your memories,


The Sheep Came….And Stayed

These five sheep came to rest on my mantle a few years ago. Our family has a great time moving them around into various sheep vignettes for our entertainment. (And for the sheep to have a change of scenery of course) When the manger scene came out of the box a few weeks ago, I thought about putting them away for the season. Mainly because if Mary and Joseph were this big and saw these huge sheep coming to worship, they would run for their lives! 🙂 But the sheep stayed, and so it is. And I’m not sure why, but things like this make me laugh. And that is a very good thing. Slainte, Lisa
*For more sheep vignettes, please visit an older blog entry of mine, “Don’t Go Down With the Sheep.”



If I am safe in the palm of God’s hand, how safe am I?

Shielded, loved, guided, prayed over, healed, saved.


I pray that for each of you.  Blessings, Lisa

“See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.” ~Isaiah 49:16

“I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand.” ~John 10:28

What Kind of Light Person Are You?


This morning, one of my Facebook friends posted pictures of her tree, all beautifully lit in blue lights.  She said, “Yes, we are “those” kind of people who use blue lights!”  I was instantly intrigued….what “kind” of people use what color lights in their home?  My Nannie and Granddaddy always had blue lights on their tree, and it felt so peaceful and calming.  We use clear twinkly lights in our home, but I stare longingly at multicolored lights, giant bulbs, electric candle lights.  I love them all.  So here’s your poll….what color lights do you use in your decorating for Christmas?  And if you care to comment on your deep psychological reasonings for doing so, feel free!  🙂  Slainte, Lisa


‘Tis the Season

Oh boy…it hit me this morning.  The overwhelmingly exciting feeling I get every year at some point that Christmas is coming.  🙂  The little kid, look at the pretty lights, wow-do you see that beautiful tree kind of feeling. The looking out the window, wondering if it will snow a little bit for a white Christmas feeling.   Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we will be spending it eating way too much food and laughing and enjoying family.  And then…we will be decorating soon, and turning our old house into a wonderland of fairy lights and green and red and gold.  And although I know Christmas would still be Christmas without all the decorations, it still makes me happy to see the wonder in my children’s eyes as they look at the lights, and when we set up the manger scene and save baby Jesus to put into the manger last.  Christmas…Jesus’ birthday…time to remember and treasure and cherish.  Enjoy every moment and have fun making memories.  Slainte, Lisa