Crafted With Love

One day, circa 1981, a mother brought home materials to make Christmas ornaments with her son. They spent a wonderful day together, making memories as well as making these beautiful ornaments which still proudly adorn our Christmas tree. That son is my husband, and that mother is my mother-in-law. Much more than ornaments came out of that day. Conversation, connection, memories, bonding.

Whether it be cookies, cakes, pies, ornaments, or paper chains, all of those Christmas crafts and activities add up to love for a child. And memories for a lifetime.

Blessings to you as you make your memories,


3 thoughts on “Crafted With Love

  1. What beautiful ornaments! What wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing those with us today, Lisa. Yes, Christmas is a season for making memories and remembering our Lord Jesus, born so many years ago is a lowly stable. What am blessed memory that must have been for his young mother, Mary!


  2. Oh how lovely, Lisa! What a wonderful, lasting memory for Ed. It’s so funny – my grandmother made ornaments as well and I have one that looks nearly identical to your blue one on my tree right now. It’s even blue! I have treasured them for over 45 years, as I know you, and perhaps your children, will too. And Ed, lucky Ed, has the memory!

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