The beginning of the snow in Virginia, December 2020

Snow comes down, slowly, gently

Covering what was… with what is

Snow makes beautiful what was mundane, marred

Covering what was… with what is

The blessed covering, the quiet, the peace

c2020 Lisa Lyons

“Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered.” – Psalm 32:1

Dreams and Snowflakes


We are having snow this morning….thick, wet, huge snowflakes that are melting as soon as they hit the warmer pavement.  Which is great with me, as I am a pretty uncourageous snow driver.  The snow is fading away quickly, like a good dream that disappears into thin air as you awaken.

But some things, the really good things, never fade away.  The love of a special person, the faithfulness of God to us,  the promises that God has made in His word that always come to pass, the hope of eternity spent in peace and joy and beauty with Jesus.  These things will never pass away, never melt, never fade.  I am thankful for these things this morning.  Slainte, Lisa


Finnegan’s Snow Day

Being 3 months old, being a puppy, having your whole world turn snowy overnight…Finnegan having an awesome day!  Hope your day ahead is full of adventure and new things.  Slainte, Lisa


Having scaled the snowy mountain, Finnegan holds fast, legs braced.

"I know that grass is down here somewhere!"  Finnegan digs in vain.

“I know that grass is down here somewhere!” Finnegan digs in vain.

Finnegan surrenders to the comforts of a warm couch and a nap.

Finnegan surrenders to the comforts of a warm couch and a nap.


The Oncoming Storm

Beautiful Anguilla

Beautiful Anguilla

I much prefer this kind of storm to the one that’s coming our way tonight.  This storm had warm winds, rain that cooled hot skin, and turbulent green-blue water.  This other one, Pax, is supposedly going to have lots of cold white stuff that just keeps coming to the tune of 8-12 inches.  And I know that I should have a good attitude, love whatever comes my way, but I’m just not there.  So I’ll do my usual distraction technique and look at pictures like this, pretend, dream, and before I know it, Pax will be a memory.  For those of you who love snow, my apologies.  For those of you who are feeling like me, happy dreaming.  😉  Slainte, Lisa