The Best of My Life….

Ireland 2_0011

Happy in Bray

….is this man.  He’s been part of my life for so many years, great years.  Today is anniversary #26, but we’ve been together since middle school.  So many years, so many memories, so much love.  Blessings abounding.  Hold tightly to the ones you love; these ones are the best of life.  Love, Lisa

Love, The 50th Edition


“Love is a many splendored thing.”  That song title is a great description of the 50 years of marriage and love that my parents have shared together.  Growing up and watching my parents, I learned what true love was supposed to look like.  I remember them dancing in the living room after supper; part of me loved it, part of me was like, “Come on, Mom & Dad…parents aren’t supposed to actually kiss or anything.”  😉  But most of me was so happy that they were happy, and I knew that I wanted to find a love like that one day.  And happy ending…I did.

So here’s to two of my very best friends, my parents, on their 50th wedding anniversary tomorrow.  May your love continue to shine for many, many more years, because we all love to see the glow.   Love, Lisa

Success Through the Love Lens


Different people have many different definitions for success.  To me, I always view success through a lens of love.

Success vs.  The Love Filter

Lots of money   vs.  Fulfillment in your work

Fancy stuff vs.  A kiss from your spouse in your kitchen in the evenings, cuddling on the couch in your comfy clothes

Fame/Fortune   vs.   Your husband and children thinking you’re the greatest wife/mom/singer ever


Today marks 25 years of being married to the most successful man I know; he has more love than any man could ever hold in one heart.  I love you, Ed, and I can’t wait for the next 25!  🙂 Here’s to the best of adventures together.  Love, Lisa

Countdown to a Wedding…


25 years ago today, I was waking up and filled with excitement because the next day was my wedding day!  25 years ago today, I was getting ready for our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at Lake of the Woods.  That strange, unique feeling of nervous and excited combined to make for a giddy and unforgettable day.


And then my husband to be sent me a perfect rose and calmed my high-octane spirit down into peaceful happiness and a sense that all was right in this decision.  25 years ago today, I was getting ready to marry the man that I had always loved and still love so much today.  Remembering it now, and so grateful and thankful that God put us together.  Hold tightly to those you love, and let them know that you remember and are glad.  Slainte, Lisa