If There Was One

If there was one whose heart was true

Who always saw the best

Who saw your worst yet loved you still

Who laid his life at rest

If there was one who died for you

Who gave it all to rescue

What would you say, how would you feel

When you got the chance to speak

If there was one, you sigh and wish

I’d give my life to him

I’d follow him around and know

Our love would never dim

If there was one, His name is Jesus

Read His life and see

He loves you so, He died for you

Christ Jesus, it is He

c2022 Lisa Lyons

Love, The 50th Edition


“Love is a many splendored thing.”  That song title is a great description of the 50 years of marriage and love that my parents have shared together.  Growing up and watching my parents, I learned what true love was supposed to look like.  I remember them dancing in the living room after supper; part of me loved it, part of me was like, “Come on, Mom & Dad…parents aren’t supposed to actually kiss or anything.”  😉  But most of me was so happy that they were happy, and I knew that I wanted to find a love like that one day.  And happy ending…I did.

So here’s to two of my very best friends, my parents, on their 50th wedding anniversary tomorrow.  May your love continue to shine for many, many more years, because we all love to see the glow.   Love, Lisa

What Defines You?

Does a giraffe stop being a giraffe if he can’t stretch his neck long?

Does a car stop being a car if it’s broken down for a time?

broken car

Does the sun stop being the sun when you can’t see it?


Does true love stop loving when hard times come along?


Does a musician stop being a musician if they can’t play for a while?


Does God go away when you can’t feel Him for a time?



I say no, to all of the above.  The essence of what something is does not change based on changing circumstances.  Our family’s favorite expression is “It is what it is.”  That can be used to express that you can’t fight against what you can’t change.  But it also can be used to say that what God created something to be is what it basically is.  Although the thing/person can change and adapt to changes, and with God’s help, keep living life in abundance.

Rejoice in who you are, right now, with whatever God’s given you.  You are special and just right in His eyes.  Blessings, Lisa


To Love and To Cherish

I just read the story of the monogamous penguins who have been together for 16 years.  And it touched my heart, because it reminds me, once again, of how much humans and animals can love each other and be faithful to each other.  It doesn’t have to be fighting and conflict and division.  It can also be faithfulness and loyalty and patience.  Love that lasts through the hard times, perseveres, and is rewarded with the sweet abiding passion that only comes through time.  The love that is placed in us by God, because we are made in His image. Think of all the countless trips made back and forth solo to find food, and then returning and searching to find the one you love.  Hearing him or her call with their unique voice that you love, and nuzzling happily together after months apart.  So precious.

Read about this happy couple and rejoice.  Slainte, Lisa