Not One Forgotten


I used to want to be famous.   Someone who would sing up on a big stage, record albums every other year and then go out on tour.  I thought this was the epitome of happiness and fulfillment in life.  I went after this goal for many years, but one day, I realized that I was already happy.  I had a husband who loved me, a child who was a delight, a home.  I had a God who never forgets me or overlooks what I say.  To God, I am infinitely important.  Every so often the “man, I wish I had been a big famous singer”thought will bite again, but it passes, because I am so blessed.  Singing at my piano in my family room, with the immense and awesome audience of God, is the best. 

“Not one is missing, not one forgotten.  God the Father has his eye on each of you…”  – 1 Peter 1:1 Message

Be encouraged….to God you are a superstar.  🙂  Lisa

Success Through the Love Lens


Different people have many different definitions for success.  To me, I always view success through a lens of love.

Success vs.  The Love Filter

Lots of money   vs.  Fulfillment in your work

Fancy stuff vs.  A kiss from your spouse in your kitchen in the evenings, cuddling on the couch in your comfy clothes

Fame/Fortune   vs.   Your husband and children thinking you’re the greatest wife/mom/singer ever


Today marks 25 years of being married to the most successful man I know; he has more love than any man could ever hold in one heart.  I love you, Ed, and I can’t wait for the next 25!  🙂 Here’s to the best of adventures together.  Love, Lisa