Success Through the Love Lens


Different people have many different definitions for success.  To me, I always view success through a lens of love.

Success vs.  The Love Filter

Lots of money   vs.  Fulfillment in your work

Fancy stuff vs.  A kiss from your spouse in your kitchen in the evenings, cuddling on the couch in your comfy clothes

Fame/Fortune   vs.   Your husband and children thinking you’re the greatest wife/mom/singer ever


Today marks 25 years of being married to the most successful man I know; he has more love than any man could ever hold in one heart.  I love you, Ed, and I can’t wait for the next 25!  🙂 Here’s to the best of adventures together.  Love, Lisa

6 thoughts on “Success Through the Love Lens

  1. Keep on looking at life through the lens of LOVE , and you’ll always find happiness and fulfillment! Happy 25th Anniversary, and may the next 25 hold even greater joys!

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