To Love and To Cherish

I just read the story of the monogamous penguins who have been together for 16 years.  And it touched my heart, because it reminds me, once again, of how much humans and animals can love each other and be faithful to each other.  It doesn’t have to be fighting and conflict and division.  It can also be faithfulness and loyalty and patience.  Love that lasts through the hard times, perseveres, and is rewarded with the sweet abiding passion that only comes through time.  The love that is placed in us by God, because we are made in His image. Think of all the countless trips made back and forth solo to find food, and then returning and searching to find the one you love.  Hearing him or her call with their unique voice that you love, and nuzzling happily together after months apart.  So precious.

Read about this happy couple and rejoice.  Slainte, Lisa