What Defines You?

Does a giraffe stop being a giraffe if he can’t stretch his neck long?

Does a car stop being a car if it’s broken down for a time?

broken car

Does the sun stop being the sun when you can’t see it?


Does true love stop loving when hard times come along?


Does a musician stop being a musician if they can’t play for a while?


Does God go away when you can’t feel Him for a time?



I say no, to all of the above.  The essence of what something is does not change based on changing circumstances.  Our family’s favorite expression is “It is what it is.”  That can be used to express that you can’t fight against what you can’t change.  But it also can be used to say that what God created something to be is what it basically is.  Although the thing/person can change and adapt to changes, and with God’s help, keep living life in abundance.

Rejoice in who you are, right now, with whatever God’s given you.  You are special and just right in His eyes.  Blessings, Lisa


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