“So, What Do You Do?”

Scenario 1: You are meeting people in a social situation of any kind. Someone new comes up to you and says, “So….what do you do?”

You hem and haw, and feel that strange, slightly apologetic and defensive response come forth. “I am a writer. (or singer, or composer, or artist, or fill in the blank)” You use a subdued voice, looking towards the floor slightly.

“Wow. Can you make a living with that?” Only the truly bold acquaintance will muster that, but you feel it just the same, no matter the words or expressions chosen.

“Well, I am working on a novel, or art piece, or album….” Your voice trails off and you anxiously look for the exit to this conversation. You skillfully turn it to another topic and breathe a sigh of relief.

Scenario 2: Same setting. “So….what do you do?”

You stand up straight and smile. “I am an artist. (or writer, or singer, or composer)”, said in your normal happy speaking voice. Direct eye contact.

“Wow. That’s cool. I wish I had the guts to try something like that. Can you make a living?”

You smile again, letting them know within that smile that, no, not quite yet, but yes, it doesn’t really matter at this point.

They realize you aren’t going to answer that question, as it is immaterial. “Tell me about it. Sounds awesome.”

Just a bit of encouragement to all you artists, musicians, writers, etc. out there. No apologies. You are created in the image of God, who happens to be extremely artistic and creative Himself.

Blessings, Lisa

Music, Concocted With Joy

I’m a pretty simple person when it comes to music I like.  It makes me happy.  Super serious music (usually accompanied by somber faces set in stone whilst playing) leaves me cold.  My soul remains unmoved.  But give me a happy musician, who is obviously having fun while he/she plays, anytime.  And while I enjoy someone who is skilled musically, they don’t have to be the “best”.  Because sometimes in the quest to be the best, they forget why they started playing in the first place.  “Where morning dawns and evening fades, You call forth songs of joy.” (Psalm 65:8b)

Here is a guy who shows immense joy to me when he plays.  Tim Edey is very good at the guitar, yes….but watch his face.  He’s happy; he’s loving what he’s doing.  And there’s nothing better. (And Mike McGoldrick is totally amazing on the whistle; no need to breathe apparently!) Enjoy the music and your day.  Slainte, Lisa

What Defines You?

Does a giraffe stop being a giraffe if he can’t stretch his neck long?

Does a car stop being a car if it’s broken down for a time?

broken car

Does the sun stop being the sun when you can’t see it?


Does true love stop loving when hard times come along?


Does a musician stop being a musician if they can’t play for a while?


Does God go away when you can’t feel Him for a time?



I say no, to all of the above.  The essence of what something is does not change based on changing circumstances.  Our family’s favorite expression is “It is what it is.”  That can be used to express that you can’t fight against what you can’t change.  But it also can be used to say that what God created something to be is what it basically is.  Although the thing/person can change and adapt to changes, and with God’s help, keep living life in abundance.

Rejoice in who you are, right now, with whatever God’s given you.  You are special and just right in His eyes.  Blessings, Lisa