Need Some Donegal & Sligo Advice


We are in the beginning steps of planning out a trip to Donegal and Sligo.  Those of you who live in Ireland, or have visited those areas, I would LOVE to hear from you below as to your favorite places/places we shouldn’t miss.  Thanks so much in advance for any tips!  Have a wonderful weekend.  Blessings, Lisa




What started out to be a picture of some cool rocks turned out to be a picture of people taking pictures.  🙂  Cameras, touring, snapping pictures that later will be memories….all a very big part of traveling for most people.   It’s always interesting to see if the cameras reflect the people’s personalities:  the little pink one for the young girl, the ultra compact for the European traveler, the larger one for the more “serious” photographer.  Sometimes the camera choice just means that that’s the camera you have, or the one you can afford.  All I know is that as much as I like my bigger camera, sometimes when I’m traveling it gets to be a pain.  And I long for a little small pocket 35mm that I used to have back in college that long ago went to camera heaven.  What’s your camera preference when traveling?  Slainte, Lisa

Watch Your Step; Adventures Ahead

The best of Ireland is seen on your feet.  Hiking, walking, climbing, stepping around, through, over and under rocks and castles and field offerings and walls.  I’m not the best of hikers, but when I go to Ireland, I find the best hiking boots I can find; ones that I don’t care if they get dirty.  (because they will!)  We drive down curvy, crazy, tiny roads, find something we like, park, and explore.  The places we like best are the places with no tour guides and no crowds.  The forgotten priories or crumbling castle ruins.  The field of sheep who are pretending to ignore us.  A wonderland of past and present collide with astounding beauty and nostalgia.

Low ceilings and curvy staircases in ancient castles

Torc Waterfall, Co. Kerry…look closely in the middle of the waterfall and you’ll see my son & husband who hiked up. 🙂

Eask Tower near Dingle, reached by ascending through a well-used field.

The stone-filled Burren

The amazing Ballycarbery Castle near Caherciveen can only be reached by going through this muddy field. Yay for mudboots! 🙂