Need Some Donegal & Sligo Advice


We are in the beginning steps of planning out a trip to Donegal and Sligo.  Those of you who live in Ireland, or have visited those areas, I would LOVE to hear from you below as to your favorite places/places we shouldn’t miss.  Thanks so much in advance for any tips!  Have a wonderful weekend.  Blessings, Lisa

1 thought on “Need Some Donegal & Sligo Advice

  1. Hi Lisa,
    We are hoping to visit Ireland next year too. My husband’s parents were born in Cork and Kilrush. We will be researching where to go.
    However the main reason I am dropping by is to nominate you for one lovely blog award. Please follow the link:
    and I hope you will accept the award for your thoughtful words, beautiful pictures and sweet music.
    All the Best, Julia

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