A Hummingbird Doesn’t Need Strong Feet to Fly

Hummingbirds have feet, but they are very small and are used for perching, scratching, and other low key movements.  But a hummingbird doesn’t need strong feet to fly.

I have had several wonderful moments with hummingbirds in the past few years, and I feel that God is using this amazing creation to show me something very important.

In 2015, while I was struggling mightily to walk months after an ankle injury, I was pretty low.  We were on vacation at a lake house, and I was unable to participate in any of the family activities, like going down the stairs to the lake, or boating, or taking a walk.  I told myself it was ok, but it gets you down after months of the same.

I sat there on the porch alone, and a beautiful hummingbird flew and hovered directly in front of my face…..within a foot.  He stayed there for almost a minute.  I felt so amazed and uplifted, and thought about it the rest of the day.

The next day, I was sitting in the same chair, and he came back AGAIN!  And again, hovered and beat his beautiful wings right in front of me.  I knew God was sending me a sign that there is always hope, that there is always something to be excited about, that He is always with me.

Fast forward to Christmas 2019.  I had just had my fourth surgery on the same ankle since 2016.  Feeling a bit low again, as the cycle of injury and surgery seemed unending.  I opened up my present from my son and daughter-in-law…..a hummingbird necklace.  They did not know about my hummingbird experience.  It brought me to tears.  God is the same; He is still with me.  There is always hope.

The hummingbird doesn’t have strong feet, but oh, how he flies.

Praise God.

Love, Lisa

Where There Is No Path

County Kerry

County Kerry

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.”
— Steven Wright 

“After a day’s walk everything has twice its usual value.”
— George Macauley Trevelyan

Whether it be around the block, up a hill, or to your mailbox, enjoy every step that you can walk today.  Breathe deeply, look up, and thank God.  Slainte, Lisa

Watch Your Step; Adventures Ahead

The best of Ireland is seen on your feet.  Hiking, walking, climbing, stepping around, through, over and under rocks and castles and field offerings and walls.  I’m not the best of hikers, but when I go to Ireland, I find the best hiking boots I can find; ones that I don’t care if they get dirty.  (because they will!)  We drive down curvy, crazy, tiny roads, find something we like, park, and explore.  The places we like best are the places with no tour guides and no crowds.  The forgotten priories or crumbling castle ruins.  The field of sheep who are pretending to ignore us.  A wonderland of past and present collide with astounding beauty and nostalgia.

Low ceilings and curvy staircases in ancient castles

Torc Waterfall, Co. Kerry…look closely in the middle of the waterfall and you’ll see my son & husband who hiked up. 🙂

Eask Tower near Dingle, reached by ascending through a well-used field.

The stone-filled Burren

The amazing Ballycarbery Castle near Caherciveen can only be reached by going through this muddy field. Yay for mudboots! 🙂