Bob and Nod’s Wake-up Call


Bob and Nod, our styrofoam bobbing friends from the Bahamas, are checking in your Monday morning to make sure you’re up and ready to tackle the day. If you are now yearning to know more about Bob and Nod, or just wanting to scoff at my personification of styrofoam, visit my prior blog about them.

Happy Monday! Lisa




What started out to be a picture of some cool rocks turned out to be a picture of people taking pictures.  🙂  Cameras, touring, snapping pictures that later will be memories….all a very big part of traveling for most people.   It’s always interesting to see if the cameras reflect the people’s personalities:  the little pink one for the young girl, the ultra compact for the European traveler, the larger one for the more “serious” photographer.  Sometimes the camera choice just means that that’s the camera you have, or the one you can afford.  All I know is that as much as I like my bigger camera, sometimes when I’m traveling it gets to be a pain.  And I long for a little small pocket 35mm that I used to have back in college that long ago went to camera heaven.  What’s your camera preference when traveling?  Slainte, Lisa