In the cleft of the rock



What is peace?  Read this story shared by Bill Wilcox:

Someone had offered a large prize for the best painting that depicted the concept of peace.¬† There were many entries of bucolic pastures with animals grazing, fields of flowers, and other such peaceful settings.¬† The winning entry was much different.¬† The scene was a rocky shoreline with towering cliffs in the midst of a frightening storm.¬† Huge waves were crashing violently over the rocks, and the winds were fierce.¬† Lightning flashed from the dark and menacing clouds that were dropping torrents of rain on the landscape below.¬† In a small cleft of rock part way up the cliff above the shoreline was perched a small bird at rest ‚Äď protected and covered by the rock surrounding it ‚Äď safe from the vicious storm.¬†

“He will cover you with his wings; you will be safe in his care; his faithfulness will protect and defend you.” ~Psalm 91:4

Be the bird.  Blessings, Lisa

At the End of an Ancient Road…



…lies Dunseverick Castle. ¬†One of the high roads from Tara ended on this beautiful cliff in County Antrim. ¬†Although the castle was destroyed in 1641, it’s location and the imagination of what was is a feast for the eyes and mind.

Here’s to the day….to seeing, to hearing, to thinking, to feeling…all the amazing things that God has placed all around to experience. ¬†Cliffs, water, skies, rocks, grasses, birds, dogs, laughter, tears, wind, rain, warmth….

Slainte. Lisa