Queen of Stone


Queen Elizabeth I, likeness captured in stone and bronze and placed in this garden*.  She stands in serene stillness, never changing in gaze, overseeing the trees and flowers.  It may be just me, but statues can sometimes freak me out.  🙂  Beautiful yes, but sometimes I just keep expecting them to move or change position, yet they stay and stay and stay.  And yes, I also realize that I am personifying inanimate objects again….don’t judge me.  heehee  😉  Have a peaceful and joyful weekend.  Slainte, Lisa

*Elizabeth Garden, Manteo, NC


Canopies of Green


What is it about a tree that makes us feel so protected and sheltered?  Standing next to a tree, even when I was a little girl, I feel better.  I love to lean up against the strong trunks and gaze up into the lofty green leaves with sunlight diffusing through them. DSCN1232

So today, with Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow, I want to thank God the amazing Creator for all the beauty He made….trees, leaves, oceans, skies of all varieties, the wind on my face.  I am thankful for all of this and more, because when I see and feel these things, it feels like He’s right here, always.  Blessings, Lisa