The Sea of Green Turned White


My green crew after parading and feasting all day

Scene:  St. Patrick’s Day Parade, March 16…..Sea of green, green people, green decorations, warm delicious Irish food.


Just a few hours later

Scene: St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, mere days before Spring….Sea of white, white trees, white bushes.

Hmmm….major special effects.  🙂  Have a wonderful green or white or whatever color day you’re having!  Slainte, Lisa

Ode to Hot Water


There was a time in my life when I romanticized living in the past…walking around with crinolined skirts all day, riding by horse and wagon to town, dancing in ballrooms.  You get the idea.  But the past few days showed me the wonders of our modern day and all its conveniences.  Like many others, we lost power due to the March snowstorm that hit the east coast.  No showers, no working toilets, no warm stoves and no computers.  And I realized how much I love those things and appreciate the marvels of technological advancements.  That first shower last night after the power roared back to life….I now feel moved to compose a tribute.  🙂

“Ode to Hot Water”

Sluggish, stiff and lank, the people waited

Stepping into steamy streams of warmth, they rejoiced

Muscles relaxed, scents of soaps and shampoos surfaced

Standing longer than they should, the water surrounded and comforted

For a time, the people did not take for granted

If you are blessed with hot water and warmth today, rejoice!  Slainte, Lisa


Spring Is Coming


Before these precious little crocuses in my yard get squashed by the 6 to 12 inch snow the forecasters say is coming, I wanted to share them with you.  Spring is coming…the flowers and budding trees and green grass and warmth on our faces.  I have to tell you, I’m not a big snow fan, but I know complaining and moaning about it will only make it worse.  :/  So I’m going to focus on what I know is ahead, past the other side of the wet stuff.

There’s a great song by Steven Curtis Chapman called “Spring Is Coming” that he wrote when he and his family were facing very hard days.  There are seasons, and after the hard times have passed, the warmth will return.  It’s coming.  🙂  Blessings and love, Lisa

The Story of a Snowman, Part One


The day after Christmas, it snowed.  A wet, sticky, heavy snow that was just perfect for snowmen and snowballs.  So we made a snowman…a big hearty fellow with a kind face and an orange for a nose.  Being the highly original people that we are, we named him Frosty, and he seemed pleased.   With his jaunty cap and festive scarf, he greeted passers-by on the road for an entire day.  However, sometime on the second day, he fell, face down, as if he was taking a nap.  I felt ridiculously sad about the whole thing, as I had liked this snowman more than a person should, and couldn’t bring myself to go look at him laying there.  (You have to remember, I was the kind of child who cried when my favorite trees were cut down, and my “Chitty-Chitty Putt-Putt” car of my dad’s was sold.)  I thought Frosty’s story was over, but I was very wrong.  I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me that evening.  Please tune into Monday’s installment to read the conclusion of the Snowman’s story.  Slainte, Lisa

‘Tis the Season

Oh boy…it hit me this morning.  The overwhelmingly exciting feeling I get every year at some point that Christmas is coming.  🙂  The little kid, look at the pretty lights, wow-do you see that beautiful tree kind of feeling. The looking out the window, wondering if it will snow a little bit for a white Christmas feeling.   Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we will be spending it eating way too much food and laughing and enjoying family.  And then…we will be decorating soon, and turning our old house into a wonderland of fairy lights and green and red and gold.  And although I know Christmas would still be Christmas without all the decorations, it still makes me happy to see the wonder in my children’s eyes as they look at the lights, and when we set up the manger scene and save baby Jesus to put into the manger last.  Christmas…Jesus’ birthday…time to remember and treasure and cherish.  Enjoy every moment and have fun making memories.  Slainte, Lisa