Weightless Moment

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Close my eyes, think, feel, wonder

Begin to type without fear of failing

Pressure inside starts to crumble

As the words appear upon the screen

Praying You are pleased with me

The One who loves me unconditionally

Laughing, I imagine Your smile

And I let the words continue a bit more

Until I can rest and be and breathe

c 2020 Lisa Lyons

Little Donkey


I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2014 to come!  Keep faithful to what God has planned for your life; keep moving forward, just like the little donkey.  Even small steps will get you there eventually!  Blessings, Lisa

“Little Donkey” ~Eric Boswell

Little donkey, little donkey, On the dusty road.

Got to keep on plodding onwards, With your precious load.

Been a long time, little donkey, Through the winter’s night.

Don’t give up now, little donkey, Bethlehem’s in sight

Ring out those bells tonight Bethlehem, Bethlehem.

Follow that star tonight, Bethlehem, Bethlehem.

Little donkey, little donkey, Had a heavy day.

Little donkey, carry Mary safely on her way.

Little donkey, little donkey, On the dusty road.

There are wise men waiting for a Sign to bring them here.

Do not falter, little donkey, There’s a star ahead.

It will guide you, little donkey, To a cattle shed.

***To see the cutest little real-life donkey I’ve seen in a while, check out Rocket Man’s video at http://donkeywhispererfarm2010.wordpress.com/2013/12/24/rocket-man-loves-to-be-scratched/  ****  Adorable!