15 Steps


15 steps are what I’ve done today

1 foot, then the other, then again

1 day, then the other, then again

And that is how it’s done

1 stone, then another, then again

You have a wall

1 faith, 1 God

Holding it all

c2016 Lisa Lyons


8 thoughts on “15 Steps

  1. This has instantly become a favorite poem of mine. This is how it’s done, especially when the path seems daunting if you look up. One step, one day, one stone at a time. Beautiful.

    • Hi Jennifer…Thank you!😊 Yesterday, I got 87 steps done, but I’m feeling it today…not hurt, but sore. So we’ll see how today goes. But I know God will give both of us what we need today. How are things with your ankle? I am also praying for you.

      • That is great news! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Things are the same on my end… I meet with my surgeon on Tuesday to discuss the next steps. He wants to try another operation before amputation, but I’m not certain I am ready for that. I worry about him going back into my fusion site again… 😏

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