The Long & Skinny of It

I am curious about all the long and skinny windows all over Ireland’s ancient ruins.  At first I thought, the forts would have these thin windows in order to shoot their arrows at the invaders without getting shot back in return.    But I have found them on old churches and abandoned cottages in the woods as well.  Time spent researching this on the internet has proven inconclusive, so the mystery remains momentarily as I keep searching.  The smaller windows might have been easier to construct, and also keep the cold wind and rain out better.  Anyone who has information about this mystery, please enlighten me.  🙂  Meanwhile, here are some pictures…the long and skinny of it.    Slainte, Lisa

Window of an abandoned small cottage in the woods outside Killarney

A window of an ancient church ruin in County Kerry.

This definitely appears to be an arrow slit window in Bunratty Castle.