Protected And Safe

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Darkness swirls through my waking dreams, fears and irrationalities

But the comforting pat from a mother’s hand in the night to calm me

Huge waves threaten to force me back to shore

But the strong arms of a father lifts me up and over them all, into the glory of the ocean

Fears of being alone and unloved rise up

But the constant embrace of love from a husband’s arms reminds me over again otherwise

Unknown futures and fears of illness and pain lurk

But The Father, the Holy of Holies, the Prince of Peace shelters, calms, saves, gives hope

Protected and Safe

c 2020 Lisa Lyons

8 thoughts on “Protected And Safe

  1. Wonderful, powerful and needed words dear Lisa. We must know, we are not alone. Need the light of love around us and we do not walk alone. Thank you for sharing the amazing poetry and your thoughts.

  2. Comforting thoughts and beautifully written poetry to calm all of us during these uncertain and difficult times! Thank you for calming my heart today and putting my focus back on the One who gives us strength and hope. God bless you, Lisa.

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