The Romantic Now

The knight rides his white steed over impossibly green hills. He rides toward the hard stone of the castle’s protection, but mostly, he rides to see his love. He needs to make sure she is safe before the battle. His horse senses his need; his hooves seem to fly over the soft ground.

Aaahhh….the romance of the past. As I think of scenes such as this, it is all glory and grandeur and amazingness. In reality, the knight was probably cold, exhausted, and underfed. His body hurt from the hard days on horseback. The castle would be very cold and dark when he arrived. But his love…..that is the same as in my daydreams.

Love has the ability to transcend conditions, circumstance, history.

People of the past had no idea that their reality would be romanticized in the future. They just knew they were living and doing the best they could.

Challenge to myself? To live today as if it were a movie. Glory, grandeur, drama, love. Because life does have all of that. If I will just open up my eyes to see it.

Our home is our castle, now. The romantic now.

The saying, “Write your story well” comes to mind. So true. Let your character soar today.

Blessings, Lisa

Images: Donegal Castle, Ireland. 2015 Ed Lyons

3 thoughts on “The Romantic Now

  1. Those days when people had to live in Castles behind lots of stone and armament. Today the walls are not so formable, but are people returning to days where you have to protect your life and your family? I am thinking of Mr. Pelosi husband of the Speaker of the House. Some one just breaks in and goes after you with a hammer. Sad how people have today drawn away from God and instead believe in just me first and everyone else I do not care. The morality is dying as the society moves away from thinking about anything, but your self. I pray that church and the love of God can return to the hearts of Americans. I say to the people, “There are more important things than money and power.” “Believe me it is true.” Blessed are those who have not seen yet still they believe.

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