Everywhere is Home to Someone

Me posing in Anguilla while Rose is busy getting ready for her full day at the Dune Preserve.

Me posing in Anguilla while Rose is busy getting ready for her full day at the Dune Preserve.


Busy port in St. Maarten

When I travel, I tend to forget that everywhere I go is still home to someone.  People live there, work there, get born there, go through good and bad times there.  I’m taking pictures like there’s no tomorrow, taking it all in like fresh air.  But to others, it’s what they see everyday and fight not to take for granted.  I’ve noticed it where I live also.  We live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, and while I’m very used to the sight of the mountains, the hiking, the babbling rivers, others will travel in cars and big tour buses to stay in little cabins out here and experience it.  So no matter where you’re living today, where you call home is special.  I’m going to try to appreciate my corner of the world a little more today.  🙂  Slainte, Lisa

Our corner of the world during the peak fall tourist season.

Our corner of the world during the peak fall tourist season.


What Makes a Home a Home?

For three weeks in Portmagee, this was our home.  It felt like home amazingly quickly; kids running around in the morning quiet on the wood floors, making breakfast in the wood-beamed kitchen, turning up the heat when the wind blew cold outside, sitting outside watching the neighboring cows munch away.

In Reencaheragh, Portmagee


In Virginia with Fritzi dog

Then we came home to Virginia, and that felt like home too.  The bumpy steep driveway that leads to the side door we always use, the tall ceilings, the comfortable bed that feels just right, the sight of the familiar trees outside the window, the happy piano waiting for me in the green room.

So what makes a home?  Love.   A home is where you love, where you receive love, where you feel safe, and where you feel you belong.  It’s being with people who care, pets that run to you when you come in the door, a sanctuary from life’s turbulence for awhile, a haven.

Wherever you call home today, embrace it and enjoy it.  Home is a gift.  Slainte, Lisa

The Return Home

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.”

-George Moore, Irish poet

Life is ironic sometimes…you feel dissatisfied, restless, yearning to roam somewhere new and just see something different.  You save, you plan, you go to this new place.  You walk around looking at the new buildings, sceneries, faces; moved but sometimes overwhelmed by the sheer amount of newness.  You look for glimpses of familiarity in the faces and language swirling around you, and sometimes you see & hear it and it brings a modicum of comfort.  Could it be?  Do you actually miss home after all this wanting to escape it?  You face the last day of the journey, feeling nostalgic already for the place you are leaving.  But then, you make it home…the familiar bumps in the driveway feel more endearing, the rise of the house in front of you makes you happier than it has in a long time, and the love that you feel for home, for those dear to you that you left behind, becomes very clear and poignant.  You are home, and you are happy.

Slainte, Lisa

Antiquity Looks Outward

Old looks toward the new, wishing it would slow down and enjoy its newness.

The new tends to ignore the old, until it realizes that in a few short years, it will be old as well.

The new house, the old castle, the same beautiful land that God has made.  Both with worth and stories and hopefully, filled with love.

Have fun filling your new or old home with love today.    Slainte, Lisa