Antiquity Looks Outward

Old looks toward the new, wishing it would slow down and enjoy its newness.

The new tends to ignore the old, until it realizes that in a few short years, it will be old as well.

The new house, the old castle, the same beautiful land that God has made.  Both with worth and stories and hopefully, filled with love.

Have fun filling your new or old home with love today.    Slainte, Lisa


2 thoughts on “Antiquity Looks Outward

  1. Interesting analogy. Same could be applied to many areas of life. Just watch an old dog and a young pup together. Or a grandparent with their grandchildren or children. There are advantages to all the generations.

    • Very true…the key to so much of life seems to be slowing down enough to appreciate all the stages. And it’s so hard to do! Thanks for writing.

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