Rock,Water, and Wind Things


Power of God crashing right up against each other.

The waves, relentless in their pursuit of the shore, rolling, tumbling, crashing.

The rocks, steady, ancient, solid, holding fast.

The wind, roaring, searching, cleansing.

I will fix my mind today on the things that do not, will not, change.  God things.

Love, Lisa


*Cliffside Slieve League, County Donegal, Ireland

Joy in the Midst


This is one of very favorite pictures of my husband and me.

What you see:  Laughter, happiness, joy, beauty of the Slieve League cliffs in Donegal.

What you also see:  our new acquaintance’s thumb, which showed up in every single photo he took of us, until we were all beside ourselves with laughter.

What you don’t see:  a walking cane that took me from point A to point B, the pain of walking that it took to get to that photo taking spot, my husband’s stress from lovingly taking such good care to get me to this spot.

And this is why I love it.  In pain, in hard times, in difficulties, there can be great joy.  There can be great beauty.  Great strength.  Great determination.  Great hope.

And a Great God over it all.

I am glad to be back, sharing with you all.  God is doing a new thing in my heart, and renewing my spirit.  Let me hear from you!  I have missed you.  Love, Lisa

If I Was a Mermaid…


….this is the first place I’d go.  I would declare it to be Mermaid Bay, and all the nice mermaids and sea creatures would be welcome to join me.  Fungi the dolphin would be my first invited guest, but he might not want to leave Dingle.  It would be quite a journey.

Whimsical nonsense for your Thursday…but if you can’t be nonsensical on a Thursday, when can you be?  Slainte, Lisa

*Actual location of photograph is at the base of the Slieve League cliffs in County Donegal, for you realists out there.  🙂