Hanging from the edge

Holding on for dear life

Looking at the beauty

But aware of the hard climb


Not always what you want to see

Yet it’s there, staring you down

c2016 Lisa Lyons

5 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. Thank you for stopping by on my post. I have been hit and miss lately with both reading and writing posts so I appreciate especially those who hang on in there.
    Your picture above is amazing and scary and how I feel when I write an honest post exposing my weakness and vulnerability. So yes, I relate to both the words and the picture so eloquently expressed.
    Love and Blessings

    • Hi, Julia…I struggle with being totally honest, even with the “anonymity” of blogging. Sometimes I feel that people don’t always want to know, even though they ask and we all basically go through so many similar experiences in this life. But lately, I’ve been feeling so many things, and it’s getting harder and harder to hold it in. Because honest posts like yours help all of us when we struggle. Be blessed today, Lisa

      • Thank you. I agree on so many levels. I need to off load. I try to keep it anonymous and mention no names or faces so as not to offend or be identified. And then feel exposed, naked, vulnerable. But then someone like you finds and appreciate me and I can purr like a cat.It has been such a struggle today at work. It started with an email from my Supervisor asking if perhaps I could just really try to clear today’s in box. (I work on a duty desk currently where I receive in-coming calls and emails.) I was stressed all day. And I didn’t clear the inbox. The faster I tried to work the faster they flowed in. I don’t know what is going to become of me? Doesn’t she realise I have to find my own way and work differently. I will never be as fast as her? Sorry to go on. It has just been going on so long with Manager after Manager always wanting me to be someone different to who I am. Thank you for talking and listening (reading). I appreciate you being here. Julia

      • You can only do what you can do, and God is pleased with you no matter what. Of course, that’s hard to remember with people’s expectations hanging about. 😉 Hysterical, slightly sarcastic laughter helps sometimes. Hahahohoheeehee😊😁 Hang in there. Love Lisa

      • Thank you. I will try the laughter, at myself too! I missed the last comment by my Supervisor via email admitting that we had received a record number of emails! And even saying (Poor you!). I found it on my smart phone just before going to bed at 1.00am! Hahahohoheeehee!

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