Bob and Nod’s Wake-up Call


Bob and Nod, our styrofoam bobbing friends from the Bahamas, are checking in your Monday morning to make sure you’re up and ready to tackle the day. If you are now yearning to know more about Bob and Nod, or just wanting to scoff at my personification of styrofoam, visit my prior blog about them.

Happy Monday! Lisa

A Church with Sand on the Floor

I don’t know about you, but this is about perfect.  A beautiful white wooden church with sand on the floor, blue ocean right outside its windows, sea breezes blowing through…the best of God’s air conditioning.  Let’s go…OK?  🙂  Slainte, Lisa


The view just a few steps away...

The view just a few steps away…

Rambles, Plans, Dreams

It doesn’t take much reading between the lines to figure out that I love to travel.  I adore planning out new holidays, pouring over travel books and reviews, searching the internet for the best deals.  I am a frustrated would-be pilot (maybe one day!), so I love the airport/flying part, the thrill of sitting in the airplane seat, feeling the roar of the immense engines as we tear down the runway for lift-off.  I love seeing the new sights, smelling the new smells (well, sometimes)  and trying out new foods.

I found a great passage from Last of the Donkey Pilgrims by Kevin O’Hara that encapsulates many of my thoughts:

” ‘Tis the beauty of travel, isn’t it,” she looked wistfully upon her poor but scenic domain, “seeing things you’d never see if you just kicked about the old place.  And you’ll take it all home with you, won’t you, these memories, and be all the better for it.  Well, be off with your rambling, so, and I’ll keep on with my dreaming.”

“It’s only a half-door you’re standing behind,”  I told her.  “You could easily hop over it.”

“Oh, I know,” she smiled, “but could I ever hop back in again?”

Enjoy your rambles, planning, and dreaming.  Slainte, Lisa